Rug Azzilal II

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Size: 2,40*1,55

These carpets are completly handmade using with 100% pure wool. All the dyes used in their making are natural.
 These carpets tell the stories of the women who weave them in the mountains of Moroco. Each of them is unique, and you will never find 2 of the same design.

Carpet Care

Vacuum cleaner

It is highly recommended to use a suction vacuum cleaner on your carpet to keep it in the best conditions. Use it as often as needed

Vacuum cleaners with brushing rolls may damage the carpet.


If the stain is yet wet, we recommend to quickly apply bicarbonate on it and use the vacuum cleaner 20 minutes afterwards, in order to absorb the stain’s humidity.

If the stain is dry, we recommend you to have it cleaned by a professional, as the fibers are very delicate and applying water or soap may make the carpet sink.